About darwinweb.net

Darwinweb.net is the evolutionary playground of Gabe da Silveira.

Third person how I detest thee!

I created this site to satisfy my exploratory urges. As a designer and programmer even a bit of a user interfacer, I’m not satisfied with just words. Aside from the typical bloggy stuff, you can expect to see creative and ill-advised design experiments, possibly resulting in, but not limited to: acerbic interfaces, spontaneous-blindness-inducing color schemes, buttons that do extraordinary things, and of course, vicious twirling pastries of various national heritage.


If you’re not a web developer than you probably aren’t reading this. There’s more than one reason not to read, however. Be prepared for rigorous topic whoring strictly limited to the following:

  • Mac OS X particularly web development thereon
  • XHTML & CSS the dynamic duo
  • Javascript providing dynamism to the aforementioned
  • PHP i have a lot of code snippets to share
  • Ruby precious
  • Rails making this all possible
  • Apache & Lighttpd two web servers I know and love
  • Textdrive & Dreamhost hosting any way I like it
  • Workflows suggested by Zach
  • Inane Spurious Commentary could it be a blog any other way?


Still reading? You must be expecting some nugget of wisdom or otherwise interesting tidbit. I’m afraid I’ve got nothing for you. Oh wait, yeah, never untar an archive in your home directory without first checking that it has a root-level enclosing directory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.