Camino -> Safari -> Firefox

February 4, 2006     

In the beginning there was Netscape and IE. And if you wanted to view the page source then you moused over to the menu.

Enter Safari with the glorious Command-Option-V, instantly doubling every web designer’s productivity. Of course Mozilla can’t exactly compete with Safari, so a small team drops the Camino bomb all over us with similar goodness. But Mozilla eventually gets its shit together and rolls out Firefox to a drooling (geeky) public. Command-U provides a new key combination. Safari, in an attempt to make life easier changes to Command-Option-U. Unfortunately Camino is still on the Command-Option-V trip. So that leaves us with 4 key combinations:

  • Safari Command-Option-U
  • Camino Command-Option-V
  • Firefox Command-U
  • IE Mac Command-E (not that you’d actually use it)