Ow! Sick!

December 10, 2005     

Howdy to all 4 of my regular readers! In case you were wondering why I haven’t been bitching about anything for almost 2 weeks, I’ve been sick. I really wanted to get Rev3 out by December 1st, but just when I was about to succeed, I caused some major bug in the Rails app that I have yet to figure out. When previewing comments, the flash messages are not persisting, and the session becomes corrupt, unable to be written.

It strikes me as a Rails level bug that may be platform specific, because there is no complex logic going on, and it is not 100% reproducible. Anyway, my meager (yet rapidly increasing!) Rails debugging skills have not yet been able to crack this one. When I do it will likely result in a treatise on the finer points of Rails debugging, and maybe more than a little insight into Ruby’s guts.

Now that I’m freelancing full time, every lost day of productivity — whether it be for personal projects or not — costs me money. I was out of commission for almost 7 days, which meant client delays and no networking. The delays were apparently no big deal for my clients, but the lack of networking scares me a little on a gut level.

Growing a freelance web design business from scratch is 90% networking and maybe 10% skills and portfolio. Fortunately Santa Fe is a town built for networking, with residents from all over the country. So far I’ve averaged about one new client a week, but I won’t feel comfortable until I have more work than I can handle.

It’s coming.